Office Manager

Martha has an Accounting degree and is also a trained teacher. She has two sons and likes to spend her free time with her family, watching movies or visiting places around Matagalpa. Martha is committed to her job with Rayo de Sol because she knows that her experience and skills are used to improve the lives of many people.

Educational Quality Coordinator

Leydy has undergraduate and master’s degrees in Education. She has two daughters and likes to dedicate her free time to reading, creating art and spending time with her family. She values her work with Rayo de Sol because she loves to impact the lives of children and teachers.

Community Development Coordinator

Victor has a degree in Agronomy and is also studying for a master’s in Education. In his free time, he loves to play sports, read and spend time in his garden. He sees his work at Rayo de Sol as a perfect way to share God’s love with less fortunate families.

Executive Director

Peter has a degree in Community Organization and a master’s in Public Administration. He and his wife have five beautiful children and one grandson. He loves to spend his free time with family, as well as hiking in the mountains around Matagalpa or tinkering in his carpentry shop. His work at Rayo de Sol has taught him how to truly live as a disciple of Christ, with unconditional love and compassion.

Spiritual Growth Coordinator

Martha is currently studying for a degree in Social Development. In her free time, she and her husband like to go to church and also to the gym. Working at Rayo de Sol has taught her new ways to serve every day, following Christ’s example. She is also a very active member in the Matagalpa Young Life organization.

Program Manager

Santiago is an Education Specialist with many years of experience in development projects. He enjoys spending his free time with his wife, three children and his grandson, as well as fishing and playing softball. He loves his job at Rayo de Sol because it allows him to serve the most vulnerable families in Matagalpa.

Community Health Coordinator

Karla Centeno is a physician that comes to us with many years of experience in the Ministry of Health and also from her private clinic. She is married with two daughters and is committed to improving the health and well-being of the children and families that we serve, which she sees as an extension of her faith. She likes to read, travel and spend time with family when she’s not working.

Youth in Action Coordinator

Karla has a degree in Social Development and many years of experience working with adolescents. She uses her free time to create art and also spend time with her husband, two children and her grandson. Karla feels that her work at Rayo de Sol helps her to create positive change in the lives of so many young people and their families.

Spiritual Growth Co-Coordinator

Miguel is a psychologist with many years of experience working with children and families. He has worked for the Ministry of the Family and other nonprofits in Matagalpa. He is married and has two children. His faith compels him to work for peace and justice, especially for those living in poverty. In his free time, he enjoys sports, reading and hiking in the mountains.

Office Assistant

Sonia helps us keep the office clean and organized, a challenging task. She has an eleven-year-old son, Asael, who is in the sixth grade this year. Asael is an avid reader and an excellent student, which makes Sonia very proud. She loves to cook and also has some experience as a hairdresser. Her goal this year is to take another hairdressing course, so she can start a small business at home.

Administrative Assistant

Verónica has studied accounting and is currently in medical school. Her work with Rayo de Sol is helping her to pay for her education. She lives with her mother, grandmother and her three siblings. She loves accounting and has made a great contribution to administrative team. In her free time she likes to visit new places, read, draw and visit with family.