Although no fees are charged for public high school, the price of a uniform, shoes, backpack, and school supplies makes education cost-prohibitive for many families. Students are often forced to drop out in order to help generate income for their families. Our high school and university scholarships seek to remove any obstacles to education in order to allow students to reach their God-given potential.

High School Scholarships

Less than 50% of all students end up finishing the sixth grade, in Nicaragua and only 20% end up earning a high school diploma. This makes it very difficult for young people to break free of the cycles of chronic poverty. Our goal is to make it possible for young people to continue their education and earn a high school degree.

University & Technical Scholarships

Fewer than 10% of all Nicaraguans are able to earn a technical or university degree. Even those who manage to finish high school have great difficulty continuing their education and professional development. Most have to begin working at low quality jobs, in order to help support their families. We support a select group of high school graduates and help them to continue their formal education.

Life Skills Training

Formal education provides young people with some of the skills and knowledge that they need, though we work with students in our program to provide additional life skills training to contribute to their integral development.