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Areas of Impact

Poverty is complex, and poverty reduction requires holistic solutions. That’s why we’ve designed programs that respond to spiritual, physical and economic needs. With Christ’s love as the motivation for all that we do, we target the areas that are most critical to overall wellbeing. Sharing the love of God in both word and deed, we seek to make lasting changes in the lives of thousands of children, adolescents and adults.

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We believe that the most devastating form of poverty faced by all human beings alike is not economic but spiritual poverty. Through our discipleship initiatives, we seek to make the gospel clear and help others grow in their faith.

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Access to quality education can change the trajectory of a child’s entire life. We strive to remove every obstacle and give children the opportunities they need to unlock their God-given potential.

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Community Health

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In the early years of a child’s life, proper nutrition and medical attention is critical. Our programs ensure that community members have access to the resources and knowledge they need to thrive.

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Icon: Community Development

As we get to know children and adults in schools we serve, we learn about pressing needs in their communities. We work closely with local leaders to identify ways to improve quality of life and generate new opportunities for families.

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Preschool & primary students served


High school & university scholarships in 2020


Nutritious school lunches served per year


Adults in vocational education courses

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A Mother’s Hard Work

Darling Díaz is a mother of four beautiful children, including her son with special needs named Marlon. Marlon’s condition requires continual treatment, and Darling’s husband’s job is not very stable, so meeting just the basic needs of their family is a constant struggle. We’ve been walking alongside her family for several years now helping to meet critical needs and guiding them towards self-sufficiency.

“Last year, I was able to get a job through Rayo de Sol to help me cover my household costs. I participated in a vocational education program and was able to get a job. Rayo de Sol continues to help me, but now I can cover some of my children’s costs with what I earn from my hard work. I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had through Rayo de Sol these past few years. It has definitely changed my life and the life of my family.”

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Juan Carlos’ Story

“My name is Juan Carlos, and I am 19 years old. A few years ago, my life felt pretty meaningless, and I was caught in a life full of different vices. But in those most difficult moments, the Rayo de Sol team offered me a scholarship to start attending high school. I wasn’t too excited, but I decided to try it out. When I started to get more involved in the Rayo de Sol scholarship program, I became a lot more excited to continue my studies and create a different future for myself.”

A few years ago, Juan Carlos started taking carpentry courses through Rayo de Sol. He now leads the Rayo de Sol carpentry workshop, has graduated high school, and is currently studying in college. We are tremendously grateful for the transformation that God has accomplished in his heart!

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A Family Held Together

Marbelly is a single mother who lives with her three daughters in the Nuevo Amanecer neighborhood. Since the social and political crisis that affected Nicaragua in 2019, she has been struggling to cover the family’s basic needs. With so little formal employment available, she decided it was time to start her own business. Six months ago, she came to our office to request a loan, and her life changed dramatically.

“This business kept my family together,” she told us. “If I hadn’t gotten a loan from Rayo de Sol, I would have had to go to Costa Rica to find work as a maid, like so many other women in my community. I am so grateful to be earning enough money to support my children. This is truly a blessing for my family.”

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