Ensuring access to resources so that families can thrive

In the early years of a child’s life, access to proper nutrition and medical attention is critical. Sadly, over 20% of children in Nicaragua suffer from some form of malnutrition, and in high poverty areas this figure reaches up to 70%. We coordinate with local doctors, international organizations, and government entities to ensure that children and families in the communities we serve have access to the resources and knowledge they need to thrive.

School Nutrition

School lunch programs have been shown time and time again to drastically improve class attendance and academic performance. Partnering with international nonprofits, local growers, and the Ministry of Education, we make sure that children in the schools we attend receive a balanced, nutritious meal that allows them to focus in the classroom and reach their full potential.

School Gardens

One important aspect of school nutrition and food security is the development of school gardens. We work closely with students, teachers and parents to create a garden at every school served. We use the Biointensive method of organic gardening to produce more food in less space, with fewer resources.

Medical Checkups

The lack of access to public health services where we work affects many families and children who suffer from both common pathologies and chronic illnesses. To combat this, we partner with Nicaraguan doctors to perform biannual checkups, which promote health in the community and help us identify cases requiring special medical attention.

Public Health Education

Due to the precarious housing and environmental conditions in Nuevo Amanecer, public health training is critical. We plan trainings for students and parents based on a continual analysis of health problems in the community, showing them how simple changes in their everyday habits can have an enormous positive impact on their family’s health.