It can be easy at times to organize our lives into the sacred and the secular, believing that what we hear in church is good, but has little to do with our everyday life. However, at Rayo de Sol, we believe that the Word of God has much to say about every facet of our lives. In youth workshops, we seek to apply biblical truth to the issues that teens here face on a regular basis.

Whether through music, movies, television, or even the advice of their peers, young people are constantly being bombarded by advice that stands in opposition to God’s truth. Especially in vulnerable communities where poverty levels are alarmingly high, teenagers are subjected to threats and temptations every day. Often, they lead young men and women away from God and into lives filled with heartache and devoid of true joy. Our Personal Development workshops present a different perspective based on the Word of God. We apply biblical truth and wisdom to the situations that young people face in order that they might experience the abundant life that Jesus desires for them (John 10:10).