Children need to be well nourished in order to learn and perform well in school. We partner with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education to provide a nutritious meal every school day. The government nutrition program provides some staples, such as beans, rice, corn and cooking oil. In turn, we provide fortified food products, fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products, in order to provide more calories and diversity in children’s diets.

Parents and teachers receive training on nutrition and meal preparation during the school year. Every day, a team of volunteer parents prepares and serves a nutritious lunch for all students at each of the schools we serve. During the year, we take height and weight data for all students to monitor their growth and development. Each year, we document a notable reduction in malnutrition rates.

School nutrition is a major incentive for children to attend school every day. We know that improved reading levels and academic performance are directly related to better nutrition at school.