Equipping teachers and setting kids up for academic success

Education is most effective strategy for eliminating poverty. Unfortunately, many children in Nicaragua face social and financial obstacles that make it nearly impossible to stay in school, as reflected by the fact that only 43% of primary school students make it to the sixth grade. We partner with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education to keep children in school and guide them towards success.

Teacher Training

Teacher training is the most important aspect of improving educational quality. We equip teachers with effective and innovative strategies to provide their students with the best education possible, focusing on strengthening areas of weakness identified through diagnostic tests.

Educational Enrichment

Children need diverse activities in order to stimulate their learning capacity. Schools in Nicaragua have limited resources, but we work with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education to promote a variety of educational enrichment activities in each of the rural and urban schools that we serve.

Reading Comprehension

Reading skills are fundamental to a child’s intellectual development and are critical in everyday life. Partnering with the Ministry of Education, we perform diagnostic tests that help measure reading comprehension levels and identify areas of weakness for future teacher training. In addition, reading clubs are established in the schools to promote a lifelong appreciation for reading.

Infrastructure Improvements

Children need adequate infrastructure in order to perform to the best of their ability. Many schools in Nicaragua have deteriorated or insufficient infrastructure, which affects academic performance and motivation levels. We work with the Ministry of Education to identify the most urgent needs in the schools served, so we can make the necessary repairs or improvements.