Juan Carlos and the New Books

Juan Carlos is five years old and lives with his mother and sister in the community Las Lomas. He should have been in preschool this year, but since the school in Las Lomas is very small, they were not able to open a community preschool this year. His mother works all day though, to support her children, so it was also difficult for her to find someone to care for Juan Carlos during the day.

After some creative planning with the school’s only teacher, special arrangements were made in order for Juan Carlos to be able to begin to attend school. Although the school year was already in session, he started classes in July, at the beginning of the second semester. His first day of school happened to be the day that our staff was creating a new reading corner for the school in Las Lomas!

That day, all of the students helped to clean and organize a corner of their classroom, in order to make space for a small library. Shelves were painted and installed, cushions were arranged on the floor and most importantly, our staff brought a collection of more than 100 books.

It’s safe to say that it was the first time that Juan Carlos had ever held a book in his hands. He marveled at the illustrations and listened attentively as the older children read him stories. We are certain that he will turn into a great reader before the end of the school year. We will have to work closely with the teacher in Las Lomas, to ensure that Juan Carlos gets a solid foundation during the rest of the year, but his enthusiasm is contagious.