La Comunidad (“the community” in Spanish) is a compassionate group of monthly givers determined to see children and families in Nicaragua overcome obstacles and thrive. They are everyday people choosing to use what they have to make a lasting impact on lives that will never be forgotten.

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The Impact


Provides basic medical attention, including medications, for one of our special medical case patients. Our physician does home visits every month to patients with chronic illnesses or disabilities, to monitor their conditions.


Provides a scholarship so that a teenager can go to school and work towards earning a high school degree. Scholarship students also participate in personal development and community service projects every month.


Provides nutritious school lunches for 100 students. School nutrition not only contributes to improved health, but has also proven to have a positive impact on school attendance and retention rates.


Provides materials and refreshments for meetings of our Young Life clubs. We currently have Young Life clubs organized and operating in five different communities, helping young people to grow in their faith.

A Word From Members:

“We are grateful to be monthly supporters and have seen Rayo be an excellent steward with their finances.  Rayo’s impact on Matagalpa is widespread, and we love how they seek holistic solutions that encompass the spiritual, economic and physical needs of the people.  May God continue to bless this ministry!”

The Wiggin Family

“Todd and I support Rayo because we have had the amazing opportunity to visit Nicaragua and see these amazing kids and meet their families. We feel that we have an opportunity to give back some of the blessings that we have received and Rayo is doing great things. Our kids had the privilege to work and play with the students while we visited a memory that is still very special to them. We look forward to the day that we can visit again.”

The Croker Family