Your Passion, Your Gift


Community Development

Rain harvesting systems

Many families have limited access to reliable sources of water. We install systems that allow families to capture rain water, store it in a sanitary, plastic tank and purify it for cooking and drinking.

Fuel efficient cookstoves

Smoke from wood fires is one of the greatest health risks for women and children in Nicaragua. We install stoves that eliminate all emissions of smoke and reduce firewood consumption by 50%.


Every year, thousands of acres of forest are lost to agriculture, livestock and firewood. We distribute thousands of trees to rural families every year. Most are fruit trees so they also provide a source of food or income.

Vocational courses

Every year, we offer vocational courses for adults, so that they can learn practical skills that will help them obtain formal employment or start a small business.

Family business loans

Graduates of the vocational courses who demonstrate entrepreneurial skills receive loans to start family businesses.