Sowing with Faith, Harvesting Hope

Thanks to a generous grant from the Montgomery Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, we have recently purchased an acre and a half of land in the rural community, Piedra de Agua! We have been praying about this opportunity for the past several years and we are so grateful for the generosity and trust of Montgomery Community Church.

Our plan is to create a small, model farm where we can train rural families about stewardship practices and food security. So much of the land in the rural areas has been destroyed by deforestation, over-grazing, and exploitative agricultural practices. We will teach families how to farm responsibly and provide nutritious food for their families.

On this small farm, we will implement soil and water conservation practices, biointensive agriculture, and we will also create an edible forest by planting fruit trees. Our dream is to produce a significant amount of the produce that we need for school lunches.

It will take us a couple of years to fully develop the farm, but we are currently working on a plan to begin the initial investment phase by May. In addition to agricultural areas, we will also construct a small, roofed area for training events, ecological latrines and a rain harvesting system. Our goal is for the farm to become self-sustaining in a period of five years.

Families in the community and scholarship students are anxious to help us get started and are ready to go to work. In the future, this will also be a great spot for Young Life retreats, mission groups and teacher trainings. If you’d like to invest in this amazing project, please let us know!