Magdiel Gómez: Growing and Leading

One of the most amazing aspects of our work is being able to observe the physical and spiritual growth of the children and young people that we serve. One of the students in our scholarship program that has most impressed us this year is Magdiel Gómez.

Magdiel is eighteen years old and lives in the Nuevo Amanecer neighborhood. She lives with her mother, who works as a nurse in the local health center. Magdiel’s mother is dedicated to providing her with the best education possible, though her salary is barely enough for their basic needs. When Magdiel finished high school, her mother didn’t think she’d be able to afford to support her college education, but she was quickly approved for a scholarship in our program.

We were very pleased that Magdiel decided to study for a degree in Early Education. She is now finishing her second year and has begun to do her community service hours in our Early and Primary Education Program. She has shown a natural aptitude for teaching and is kind and compassionate with children.

In addition to her studies, Magdiel has also been involved in the local Young Life club for several years. She is one of a select group of young people who has been included in a leadership training initiative. She is now helping to lead the Young Life club in her community. We are so proud of Magdiel’s growth and development as teacher and a leader among her peers.