Johanna Rostrán: One of the Fortunate Fifteen

Johanna is a member of a very select group. In just a few short weeks, she and fourteen of her classmates will be graduating from high school. We call them the Fortunate Fifteen because they represent the first group of students that have been in our program for five years and will earn their high school degree this December. We began our high school scholarship program in 2013, and although these students have faced many difficulties, they have persevered.

Johanna is an excellent student and has been a leader among her peers. For the past two years, she has provided tutoring for younger students in the program in math and science. Johanna has also done her community service hours in the health and nutrition program, visiting schools in Matagalpa to deliver nutritious food and also teach some basic public health classes to students and parents.

When Johanna receives her diploma next month, she will become the first person in her family to graduate from high school. Her parents are incredibly proud of her accomplishments. After high school, Johanna hopes to continue her education at the local university. Her dream is to study for a degree in accounting. We will be there to support her with a university scholarship.

If you are interested in providing a scholarship for a high school or university student, please contact us to find out how to get involved.