Fresh, Hot Bread!

One of the greatest successes we have witnessed this year has been the development of a bakery in the Nuevo Amanecer neighborhood. Six months ago, we began a training program with a local bakery. They offered to train a group of women in bread making, so that they might develop new skills for generating income. The eight women in the group successfully completed the training program and began to look for ways to create a sustainable business.

We have been accompanying the women in the process and thanks to the generosity of one of our faithful donors, their dream has become a reality. Last week Hilda, María, Francis, Carmen, Digna, Martina, María del Carmen and Marina are now officially in business. With the funding we received, we made a loan to the group to purchase an industrial oven and all of the supplies needed to get their business off the ground.

They are now baking different types of bread every day, and selling it in their neighborhood. Their neighbors are thrilled to have fresh, hot bread available every day. The women know that they will have to work hard, but the success of their business will also depend on their faith and commitment. We look forward to watching this business grow in the coming year. There is no doubt that these eight women will achieve great success.