Darcys’ Voice

(Darcys Mayorga is a Rayo de Sol university scholarship student, studying accounting)

One of the reasons why I started participating in Rayo de Sol’s scholarship program three years ago, was because I really like Rayo de Sol’s approach, as a nonprofit organization. They strengthen and develop communities with great needs and I am proud to be a part of this great family.

Recently, I achieved one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. I won second place in a mural contest. I was so surprised, I had no idea that I would win second place. It all started four months ago, when I recevied a course in muralism through Rayo de Sol’s scholarship program. That was just the beginning and I have worked to put what I learned in practice, together with other scholarship students.

We have been practicing by painting murals in the different schools where Rayo de Sol works, to improve the learning environments for children. Making art on the walls, where the beauty of colors flow, is a way to make the imagination grow. It has been a great way to use what we have learned to improve education for younger children.

As a university scholarship student, I have been able to learn many things and share them with others. It has made me a stronger person and I am thankful for the opportunities that Rayo de Sol has given me to grow. I have been working with Rayo de Sol for three years now, learning and contributing in whatever way I can.

Through Rayo de Sol, I have found my true, inner self. I have been able to overcome my fears and have become a more positive person. I have improved as a person and have also learned to set goals. I know that I can achieve anything that I set out to accomplish.

If you ask me, this organization is a true ray of light in many people’s lives.