Building Connections, Sharing Joy

This Thanksgiving, we receive and extra serving of blessings. Right before the holiday, we hosted a mission group from Atlanta, made up of three hardworking and compassionate families: the Browns, the Ewings and the Waggoners. We spent several days working at the school in the community of Llano Grande, building playground equipment out of recycled materials and also laying the foundation for a new kitchen.

In addition to the work accomplished at the school, the three families (including their combined total of seven children) also built incredible connections to students and parents in the community. There are universal languages among children: laughter, play and joy. The group and the community shared much laughter, played many games and the whole visit was illuminated with joy. It was incredible to witness the relationships growing and evolving each day.

The playground equipment was completed by the time the group left and the foundation of the kitchen was nearly ready, and the kitchen will be completed by the end of November. We are so grateful to these three families, and their commitment to sharing God’s love and blessings through service. Hopefully, they will be back soon!

If you are interested in planning a mission trip de Nicaragua with your family, school, church or friends, please contact us for more information.