A Family Held Together

Marbelly is a single mother who lives with her three daughters in the Nuevo Amanecer neighborhood. Since the social and political crisis that affected Nicaragua in 2018, she has been struggling to cover the family’s basic needs. With so little formal employment available, she decided it was time to start her own business. Six months ago, she came to our office to request a loan, and her life changed dramatically.

Marbelly set up a small business at home making snacks like potato chips, plantain chips and other types of chips made with local vegetables. It was not easy to get started and generate enough sales to support her girls, but little by little she has built her business with help from her daughters. Had it not been for the loan, Marbelly would likely have had to leave her family and migrate to Costa Rica or Panama to find employment.

“This business kept my family together,” she told us. “If I hadn’t gotten a loan from Rayo de Sol, I would have had to go to Costa Rica to find work as a maid, like so many other women in my community. I am so grateful to be earning enough money to support my children. This is truly a blessing for my family.”