A Day Isn’t Complete Without a Visit from Oliveidi

A day at the Rayo de Sol office is not complete until Oliveidi has come for a visit. Oliveidi is eleven years old and is in the third grade at the 15 de Septiembre School. She lives with her parents and eight siblings in a small house, located a few blocks from our office. Oliveidi’s parents work hard to support the family, but they have faced a lot of difficulties. She should be in the sixth grade this year, but her education has been affected by her family’s economic situation.

This year, we are happy that she is back in school and anxious to learn. Oliveidi participates in all of our children’s discipleship activities and the reading club at her school. She is usually one of the first to show up for after school activities and is often the last to leave. Oliveidi has grown to love reading and also enjoys making art. She has developed very close relationships with our staff and they often help her with her homework as well.

Her teacher has told us that she has been much more focused on her school work this year and has gotten excellent grades so far. We are so excited to see her succeed this year and will continue to support her in her personal, spiritual and academic development.