Vocational Education

One of our goals this year was to provide more vocational education opportunities for young people and adults. Last year we created an alliance with the National Training Institute, Ministry of Family Economy and Infancia sin Fronteras to offer vocational courses in the neighborhood near our office, where poverty levels are high and employment is scarce.

Over the past several months, we have had more than fifty adults enrolled in sewing, cooking, baking and hair styling courses. They have learned valuable skills that will increase their possibilities of finding formal employment or help them to start their own businesses. On October 25th, we held a graduation ceremony for all of the students, many of them single mothers, who worked so hard to complete the courses.

It was so amazing to see the satisfaction and expectation on the faces of each graduate. They proudly received their certificates and also displayed their work for the public. We organized a small fair at the ceremony, where the students exhibited garments, baked goods and typical Nicaraguan dishes. Our next challenge will be the help guide some of the participants in the creation of small businesses.