Julieth: Academic Excellence & Personal Growth

Julieth is nine years old and is in the third grade at the 15 de Septiembre school in Matagalpa. She lives with her grandparents because both her mother and father had to migrate to Costa Rica to look for work. The economic situation in Nicaragua has worsened with the political crisis and many adults simply can’t find enough work to support their families. Because of her unstable family situation, Julieth had behavioral problems at school and great difficulty learning to read.

Last year, she began to participate in our Discipleship program, where our staff could work closely with her and help her both personally and academically. Julieth has shown amazing progress and she was recently selected to represent her classroom in the Independence Day celebrations, because of her academic excellence. Her teacher has marveled at the way her interaction with other students has improved, as well as her reading skills. Julieth has also joined the reading club at her school, organized by Rayo de Sol’s education team.

Julieth loves to participate in Discipleship activities because she doesn’t just have fun, she also studies Biblical lessons that can be applied to her own life. We are so proud of Julieth for her determination. We know she is destined to do great things in her life.